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Director: Drew Earls

  • Receive assistance from a NASM fitness professional!
  • One-to-one personal attention and guidance
  • In-depth fitness evaluation including body composition, postural analysis, and cardio respiratory (VO2) testing
  • Correct muscle and structural imbalances
  • Instruction from a health and fitness professional
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screen)


Intro Sessions
*Only one intro package per NEW client
One Hour 3 sessions - $99
Half Hour 3 sessions - $69
One Hour Sessions 
 # of Sessions  Rate
1 $45
3 $128
6 $240
12 $450
24 $840
Half Hour Sessions 
*for individual only
# of Sessions Rate
1 $35
3 $98
6 $180
12 $330
24 $600
Duo Packages (one hour)  
 # of Sessions Rate
1 $58
3 $168
6 $324
12 $624
24 $1200
Trio Packages (one hour)
# of Sessions Rate
1 $88
3 $255
6 $504
12 $972
24 $1920
Small Group (one hour)
# of Sessions Rate
1 $118
3 $348
6 $684
12 $1344
24 $2640


Janelle Strother

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
ACSM Public Health Specialist

My passion for health and fitness began when I was 13, when my oldest sister started runningXCin high school in my hometown of Kansas City, and me wanting to follow in her footsteps. I ranXCatHLGU, graduating in 2010 with a degree in Public Relations and minor in Rec Management. Since 2011 I have personally trained over 75 clients ranging in age from 13 – 72 years old and have enjoyed every minute of helping them along their fitness journey. I enjoy spending time with my husband and baby boy, running races with friends, and being an active member of Believer's Church. One of my favorite fitness quotes: " If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it." 


Kailey Brodhacker


After marrying in 2009, I became very comfortable with a non-active lifestyle, and it took several years before my husband and I both made a change to reach our health and fitness goals we desired. I enjoy helping others reach their goals and improve their lifestyle. In my spare time I enjoy being active in the community, playing various sports, and running obstacle course races.

Kelsey Vance


I am a fitness enthusiast born and raised in Hannibal, Missouri. I am a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer. I acquired a degree from the University of Central Missouri in 2014 in Community Health with an Emphasis in Wellness.  At the University, I received a scholarship for Track and Cross Country. Upon graduation from college, I started teaching Body Pump at the Hannibal YMCA which desired me to make Personal Training a profession. My job is my passion and my way of life but my other hobbies include fishing, hunting, hiking, competing in mud races, biking, and playing sports. 

Drew Earls

Health and Welness Director
Integrated Core Training Specialist

As the Director of Wellness at the YMCA of Hannibal, Drew Earls is both committed and passionate about improving the quality of life for the community of Hannibal. Drew joined the YMCA as Director of Wellness in July 2014. Prior to becoming Director he served as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor for 2 years.  Drew has continued training and is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is an Integrated Core Specialist. Drew is a 2012 Graduate of Hannibal-LaGrange University receiving his bachelor’s in Recreational Management. Drew, his wife Sarah, and their son Aiden have enjoyed living in the Hannibal area and are thankful for their time here, and the opportunities this community and the YMCA have given them.



Jeff Perrine


Jeff and his wife Michelle have lived in the Hannibal community since 2008.  During that time he’s grown tremendously in his faith in Christ, became a father to three sons, Cohen, Evan, and Caleb, and found his true purpose in life. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Jeff earned a chemical engineering degree from the University of Minnesota which landed him a job with General Mills. There he held two main positions in the engineering department and as a manager of operations.  During that same time, outside of work he went through a personal health transformation where he lost over 60 pounds and became the healthiest he’s ever been in his life.  Ultimately, that became his passion and he separated from General Mills to dedicate his life to helping people become healthy and fit on both the inside and outside. This is his way of paying forward the life changing feeling that he’s experienced in his life.


Jonathan Brodhacker


Jonathan was overweight for the majority of his life. Once he graduated college he decided it was time for a change. He began training and lost over 100 pounds. Now Jonathan enjoys teaching classes, obstacle course racing, and helping others become the healthiest version of themselves.