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Our goal at the YMCA of Hannibal is to strengthen the total person so each individual may reach their honest potential and enjoy increased well being.

You are important to us at the Y. You are the reason we exist. From the time you walk through our front door, to the time you leave, we want you to feel welcome, relaxed, and at home.

You are a member of the YMCA.

The mission statement of the YMCA of Hannibal says that "We are an inclusive association of people united in a common effort to put the teachings of Jesus Christ into practice and to enrich the lives of others spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially."

The YMCA is an independent, non-profit association of members, volunteers, contributors, and staff whose common goal is to fulfill this mission statement.

Our goal at the YMCA of Hannibal is to strengthen the total person so each individual may reach their honest potential and enjoy increased well being.

If you are not yet a member of the Y family, it's easy to join. We will be happy to visit with you and explain how easy it is. Just drop by or call.

The YMCA believes that in today's society, our essential job is to give youth and adults the experiences that help them develop a set of positive values, morals and ethics that they will live by. The YMCA has five values as a basis for all YMCA operations, staff development and program development:

  • Caring (compassion, acceptance)
  • Honesty (integrity, truth-telling, trustworthiness)
  • Respect (honor, without prejudice)
  • Responsibility (reliability, accountability, perseverance)
  • Service (giving back, sharing, altruism, charity)

These values will become a basic component of all YMCA programs, staff recruitment and training, and will guide all YMCA operations. They will become the basis for all that we do. To better remember these values and basic Christian principles, the YMCA has assigned a color to each value. Kids can remember the color and associate it with the word:

  • Caring = Red, like a red heart
  • Respect = Golden Yellow, to reflect the golden rule
  • Honesty = Blue, to be true blue
  • Responsibility = Green, responsible to the earth and fiscal responsibility
  • Service = Rainbow of colors, because to serve involves all of the above words/colors 


Many of you can remember growing up, playing sports, learning to swim, being part of a special group, or just going and hanging out at the old YMCA. The YMCA has been a part of Hannibal's growth since 1911. However, the YMCA has not done this alone it has had the financial support of many throughout the years.

The YMCA of Hannibal Heritage Club is a list of individuals who like yourselves, have fond memories of their experiences at the "Y" and want to make sure those experiences are available for generations to come. We hope you too, will consider the YMCA of Hannibal and become a member of the YMCA Heritage Club. For more information on membership please contact Eric Abts, Executive Director.


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