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Financial Assistance

Contact: Crystal Freeman

Assistance is available for those who cannot afford the vital services the YMCA provides. Our goal is that no one is turned away from a YMCA program because they can’t afford it. If you or a family you know needs financial assistance to participate in a YMCA program, please talk with our staff.

Application Instructions

To submit an application, download the Scholarship Application PDF, or stop by your the Y and ask for a confidential application.

When submitting an official application, applicants will be required to provide 30 days of documentation for any of the following items they receive: AFDC, SSI, disability, annuities, food stamps, child support, pensions, paycheck stubs, retirement, and income tax. Applications are processed every Friday. You will be notified by mail if you were approved or not and what rate you were approved at.

The YMCA handles all Financial Assistance applications confidentially.

Download a Scholarship Application